Scout Cloud Lee Music

Gypsy Rock, Country Funk

If you like  Will Rogers , you’ll love Scout!  When a director of the Smithsonian Institute met Scout on the set of STAR TREK: The New Generation, he exclaimed,...”Young Lady, I would cast your image in bronze and stand it in the Smithsonian to represent ‘The Spirit of the Pioneering Woman in America today!”


            Dr. Scout Cloud Lee is a master of “LIVING YOUR DREAMS”.  She is an inspirational, motivational entertainer, educator and corporate coach.

She is a speaker, author, story-teller, singer/song writer, corporate executive and corporate trainer.  Scout is a CHEERLEADER FOR THE 21st CENTURY who knows all about “pulling herself up by the bootstraps”.  She has survived divorce, artificial knee and shoulder replacements, terminal cancer, and 38 days on the CBS HIT SHOW, SURVIVOR.  Scout is a female Will Rogers, presenting her truths in a riveting, yet simple, spell-binding, down-home way.


            Dr. Scout Cloud Lee is the author of 14 books and 5 CD’s. She is a person with charisma and that special ability to walk on stage and grab any audience until all you can hear is the sound of the audience breathing.  She is a MOTIVATIONAL MASTER with stage presence, courage, charisma, and a moving message for our 21stCentury.


          Dr. Scout Lee’s latest book is entitled: SHAZAM! The Formula for getting What You Really, Really Really Want.  It is available on, along with her CD's.